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Apiona® Practice R2™
- Been using 4 months now, the balls are fine and holding up. By the way, you should promote Jessica, she is a great sales person! - Tom Howfulton, United Kingdom.

Apiona® Custom™ - Just wanted to inform you that we have received the balls and tees. The golf balls look fantastic so they are 110% correct and the packages are wrapped solidly. The performance is excellent in distance and spin control. Thanks for responding quickly to our urgent request. - Jean Clarke, Sweden

Apiona® Trio™ - The coating is impressive and unbelievably shiny! The balls stand over 3 months and still in great condition. I used to purchase from Wilson, but never again! Thanks to your personalized service, excellent quality, and attractive pricing. - <Prefers to be anonymous>

Apiona® Neris™ - I have received very positive customer feedbacks. Since I have had bad experiences of coating taking off quickly (one week) from other suppliers in your country. I was very worried about the performance and appearance, but it ended up to be very pleasing experience. One thing I would like to improve though, is to adjust to lower compression for the next order. Thanks Apiona. You have a customer for life! - Jack Wong, Hong Kong

Apiona® Alpha™ - It's very impressive that you have outstanding designers. Our market is very competitive so we need products that have strong sales points, good designs and performance. Since last year, order has been going well so this year, order will be double and thanks for all the support! THANK-YOU, I owe you my first born! - Regards, Ryan Thomas, Indiana, USA.


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