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The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apiona Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States, Taiwan and/or other countries:

Apiona® Golf
Apiona® Alpha™
Apiona® EnviroTee™
Apiona® Neris™
Apiona® Matrix™
Apiona® Ion™
Apiona® Trio™
Apiona® Golfball Configur™
Apiona® EnviroSafe™
Apiona® EnviroGolf™
Apiona® Subscribe™
Apiona® Scent™
Apiona® Sense™
Apiona® XtraShine™

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CNL Corp, LTD name
Apiona Inc. logotype
Apiona Inc. name
Apiona Incorporated name

Use With Permission

Apiona’s marks may be used publicly only with permission from Apiona Inc. Fair use of Apiona’s trademarks in advertising and promotion of Apiona products requires proper acknowledgement.


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