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Apiona Golf 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Engineer Your Own Golf Ball

Apiona® Configur™

Know the technical details and would like to customize golf balls?
Most golf players and vendors can’t choose their beloved golf ball specifications because they are set by the manufacturers. With Apiona Golf Ball SelectTM, you are empowered to get your very own design.
Apiona® Configur™ provides all options from choosing a cover (can choose silicon cover or balata cover), to compression, to number of dimples on the golf ball.

Printing Your Own Golf Balls

If you have your own golf ball printing machine and would like to print your own logo, please must advise your account manager ASAP as some of the printing machines may have issues printing on Apiona Golf’s specially formulated XtraShineTM coating.

One-Time Printing Fee V.S. Every time

Most suppliers don’t tell you until the very end that, in addition to the plate fees, they charge $0.20/dz *per* color for printing logos. Apiona Golf charges nothing for printing up to 6 colors except for plate fees. Each color is a plate, and each plate costs US$50.00. Our plates are not the plastic ones that last about 5000 prints most golf ball suppliers use in North America, these are the industrial stainless steel ones that withstand millions of golf ball printings, and you pay them only one time.

By going with Apiona Golf, if you have 6 color logo, the logo printing alone will save you $1.20/dz
5,000dz = US$ 6,000 + free one color plate ($50) = US$ 6,050 savings
10,000dz = US$12,000 + free one color plate ($50) = US$12,050 savings


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