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Apiona Golf 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Integrated Ordering

Apiona® IOS™ (Integrated Ordering Service)

Tired of wasting time dealing with multiple vendors, piles of purchase orders, and tracking each shipment statuses? To help saving you the time and money, Apiona has the ability to package golf tees, golf clubs, caddy clip, and additional items with one purchase order, and most often - one shipment.

Lock-In Pricing Available
Due to the market fluctuations, Apiona Golf has to adjust our price quotes every quarter. If you think the price you are getting from Apiona is too good to pass by, a contract can be signed with us to ensure the lock-in pricing. By using your lock-in commitment, Apiona Golf will be able to negotiate with material vendors to get the costs down, and further pass the discounts back to the customer.


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